Urbaan Home Ratchada

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Urbaan Home Ratchada

Location: Bangkok,
Project Team: Charunwat Mauleekulprairoj, Witchawat Boonprasong, Podjanarit Nimitkul
Year: 2013

From the architect. A 4 storey building renovation project in the center of Bangkok, an old typical office building is turned to a furniture showroom for a group of Thai furniture maker.


Since most of the products are for home use, the interior has to create the feeling of being inside houses.

CPK_1456 _Resize CPK_1449_Resize

Wood partitions, gabled ceilings, flat ceilings, and materials are the components that have been used and represent houses’ interior.


Sense of privacy are created and the furniture can be set up nicely just like when they are used.  These architectural languages have been brought to the façade of the building to attract people who drive along Rachada Road.

The façade even comes to life when the sun goes down.


Text : http://www.archdaily.com/571718/urbaan-home-building-renovation-mun-architects/




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